Do you use a Mac? Is it running OSX?

Do you use pi-hole, but on devices and not for the whole house DNS?

If this very specific situation is familiar then maybe you are my doppelgänger.

If you are not, but are tired of the 12+ clicks it takes to switch DNS to get to a site when you need to unsubscribe or there is just a weird thing caught and you need to check DNS, because it’s always DNS – then this little switcher is for you.

This little command will switch back and forth to your hearts content.

  1. Download it
  2. Fill in DNS that works for you.
  3. Set as executable
  4. Move it to somewhere in your PATH
  5. Switch!
dnsswitch in action

YOU: “Wait, dude. Why is this a command line program?”

ME: “Don’t we all always have the terminal open?”

Oh, it’s just me? Oh well. Feel free to download it where all my stuff is ( , and set up a quick Automator Script or something to call it from a GUI or turn it into a menulet. I’m happy with typing it in real quick.

Thanks for reading! If you do make something cool with it – let me know.