School is going to be a bit different this year.

It’s not going to be the chaos of pre-Covid19 learning, and will hopefully not be the caught off guard chaos once it hit. No matter what happens we are doing things a bit differently this school year.

One of our children attends a small charter school. I’ve learned charter school means a bit less bureaucracy and a lot more involvement. Like most schools, there is a Fall Festival, some early in the year get together so everyone can start building that community.

How do we do that with a global pandemic? How do we do that and keep everyone safe?

We are working on it. A great team of people thinking of and putting together ideas of how to (now) digitally connect and out tangible things in the families hands as well.

It’s up to me to find a platform to host this event. One that’s safe, easy to get to, and doesn’t need 10 techs to keep running for a couple of hours. This one I am working on.

My other job was to create BINGO cards so we can do a virtual BINGO game. BINGO cards? What? That can’t be fun.

Oh silly. Of course it can.

I spend my days thinking up different ways to make data accessible to management. Yeah, I also get to do some real cool stuff and make data accessible for workers like me too, but this… I get to think of a real cool problem and work it out.

First I needed to learn a little bit about BINGO. Oh, I’ve played it and I know how to win and how to lose, but I didn’t know what numbers went where. That part is kinda important when making cards.

Great. I learned that (15 numbers per letter).

Now, I needed to make sure that each number was only on the card once. My make things complicated mind was racing with this one. Random numbers, then check to see if that number was used already, and if so do another random number, because random isn’t always random, so this can happen a lot…

Slow down. Pop a number out, sort the new list after each pop and no number will overlap.

Account for the FREE SPACE. Put a nice little pic of the school logo in there.

Voila. 500 of this available to print in a matter of seconds, because computers are a lot faster than me.


It was fun. It was nice. It was cool to make something that only took an hour or so to work out and not weeks and months and lots of regiggering.

It felt like a first project, like a I want to learn python and I need a project to make it real. So for that, I’ve put the code up on github for anyone who wants to make their own cards as an experiment. Trust me, I am sure there are better ways to do it than I did it, but mine worked.

Also, if anyone just wants 500 BINGO cards, here you go. No branding, just a FREE SPACE.

500 BINGO Cards (pdf)

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