I know shit can be scary.

We live in a scary place.

But those of you in blue are not helping. You are supposed to. It says in on those cars you drive around in with all those guns and all that surveillance equipment in them.

Instead of seeing someone doing something wrong and stopping it, which I am pretty sure you are trained to do, you sit by, watch it happen then suit up to fight about it when the people call you out on it.

Not a good look and not a good way to win the long game.

It was real fast how you doubled down there. How fast you were able to mobilize all the blue lives.

It was real quick how fast you were able to get the tear gas and the face masks, the batons, and the rubber bullets ready to “defend” against the mourners and the protesters.

It was real quick how you were able to point out and hit the press when no one could see your face.

You did not just mess up by giving a person a bogus traffic ticket.

You didn’t fuck up by pulling in the wrong person for questioning and treating them badly.

You killed a man.

Instead of arresting the killer you suit up.

Instead of working with the community to right the wrong you dole out overtime to gas and shoot mourners and protesters.

This doubling down on the Blue Lives Matter shit is going to get a lot more people killed then needed.

If you really want to “man up”, then sit down, shut up, and take responsibility for your actions.

Oh look, I’ve written about this before. As I read back on these I am sad. Sad that things are not changing, and I need to do more. I need to learn more to make this a better world.

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