The guns.

The batons.

The the riot gear.

The tear gas.

The flash bombs.

The tasers.

The surplus military assault vehicles.

All of the weapons used by the police.

Lock ’em up for for the minimum a citizen would get for an assault and battery charge.

Now that all the police toys of intimidation are locked up, let’s let the police go do their job.

What? Do their job without guns and riot gear? Do their job without tear gas and surplus assault vehicles? How are they to keep the peace? How are they to uphold the law?

Well, let’s let them figure it out. Let’s let them spend time in the community. Let’s let them get to know the people they are to protect and serve.

Let’s let them learn to fix this without violence and intimidation – because really, it starts at home. One town and one cop at a time. Let the cop who knows how to do it show the one who doesn’t. Let them train how to be a peace officer and not a cop.

And if so many don’t want to do it any more, so many say it’s not gonna work, let them go – there will be people who come in and step up to the plate to take care of each other with doing harm.

So – lock ’em up. Lock ’em all up and hope we forget the key.

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