‘;–have i been pwned?, you’ve heard of it, right? Let’s pretend you haven’t. It collects and lets people know if their email has been found in a data breach or credentials are up in a paste.

I want to check to see if my email is there. Cool. I can go to the website and type in my email address and see where it’s been collected. Trust me. It’s been collected.

Now, let’s say I want to check on everyone in my family after I hear about a breach in the news? Or I run IT for a small org that has me do everything. Or I am in charge of making sure those in the C Suite are kept safe.

What can I do? I can pay a vendor a lot of money to “protect” me. I can pay for identity monitoring.

I can use the API.

I can also find a free script to run that will check this for me and give me the info I need with the freedom to change it for my needs.

There are many scripts out there that will do this. Here is one of them. Written in python.

By me. Using the API mentioned above.

Written a while ago – but updated recently do deal with the new API (which does cost $3.50/month to use – more on that here) I think it’s a good little ditty that will check one email or a set of emails from a file.

Who is this for?

First it was just for me, then my thoughts moved to the audience for this would be the family techie who is always watching out for the other, or the IT team of one for that small but very important organization without the huge budget.

Check it out…


What more do you need?

No, really, what more do you want from it? Let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

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